Moving Day


I recently noticed that I no longer have withdrawals =) If you ever decide to come off medication; I wouldn’t recommend packing up a house and moving at the same time – talk about stressful. I also have to be honest; everything that could have went wrong on moving day, did! I thought I was prepared; as I had picked up new bedding, a new mattress topper etc the night before – how wrong was I?

Moving day, my ex partner picked me up much later than planned. It then took much longer than we expected to sign lease – I had hoped to get in to new flat pronto and open up mattress topper; as needs a good 12 hours to settle. When I finally got to new flat, there was a purple key and gas card, although moments earlier whilst at letting agency; I had just spoken about setting up new Direct Debit with gas/electric companies and needing to let them know asap that I had moved in. As I was mis-informed, I had no idea on how to use card or what was expected of me on the day that I moved in and my plan kind of went out the window.

To make matters worse, letting agency sent over a colleague to show me how things work and he informed me that he wasn’t even aware that I was moving in and would need to do my inventory there and then. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. They had let me know that I had been accepted for the flat on Tuesday and by the Saturday, he was still not advised that I was moving in. It was a big enough hassle being asked to move things around, take things out of the way so he could photograph the area, can you imagine he did that 2 days after I had moved in. Really not impressed!

So we were now held back by a further twenty minutes, so I therefore decided to make use of the time and opened up mattress topper. I noticed my error, once I had opened bag, unrolled topper and placed it on the bed and it barely covered the existing mattress. Now this thing had already started to expand and I had just spent £79.99 on the darn thing. We measured the bed and worked out that it’s actually queen size. Face palm moment!

So now I had a topper that didn’t fit, people back at the old flat waiting to help us move and no further forward and no longer prepared. I now owned fitted sheets, mattress protectors etc that didn’t fit and nothing to sleep on tonight.

Thankfully, my ex partner promised to take me back to Argos later that evening to repurchase, correct size. Sadly, I couldn’t return the old one as it couldn’t be placed in existing packaging, as it had expanded. However, thankfully, a family friend offered to take it off my hands. At least, this way I wasn’t out of pocket by over £200.

Packing the cars was done easily, as there was a few of his family helping and we ended up packing three cars in no time. We then drove to my new place and managed to put all the boxes into the flat pretty quickly. His mum helped me unpack some boxes and was a massive help, it was also good to have a girl’s touch.

I only noticed the quietness when everyone had left and it was surreal. I’m not going to lie, I really struggled that night. I think I missed the closeness and missed not being able to call mum and let her know how I had got on, as talk and broadband are not yet active. I spent most of the evening keeping busy and fortunately did manage to unpack most of my boxes and my kitchen was coming together.

Now I just need to focus on getting me together and more in control. I need to realise that I need to look after myself and make sure my surroundings are okay too. I need to make sure to clean and stay on top of it and lastly, I need to remember that it’s okay if I need to take a little longer to get over it.

Until next time.

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