Moving Day

I recently noticed that I no longer have withdrawals =) If you ever decide to come off medication; I wouldn’t recommend packing up a house and moving at the same time - talk about stressful. I also have to be honest; everything that could have went wrong on moving day, did! I thought I was … Continue reading Moving Day

One Step

It’s tough knowing that the one person you want to lean on; is the person that hurt you. You feel angry at yourself for allowing yourself to be supported by them. It’s confusing when I can enjoy spending time with them but then don’t know whether I feel great when they leave. I feel sorry … Continue reading One Step

Body changes

I want to talk about an important topic today. I know from experience; I hate talking about my weight or my insecurities but I feel that this platform could enable me to do just that. I've always struggled to find helpful weight loss advice for people with mobility issues. Most of my reading materials advised … Continue reading Body changes