Feeling at home


Things are getting a little better thankfully. I’ve finally got everything I require to have a functioning kitchen, well almost besides a bigger bin, pizza cutter and dish drainer but I’ll get there.

My parents were really considerate and gave me some money towards some of the bigger items to help me feel more at home. And today I managed to pick up a new toaster, kettle, microwave and a new blender. I did also pick up some of the smaller items to give it a more ‘homely’ feel too.

I have to be honest, whenever I’ve looked at properties in the past, I’ve always leaned towards flats that were decorated with a fresh, clean and neutral approach; as this would therefore allow me to add my own taste. My new flat isn’t exactly how I had envisioned, as the living-room/kitchen already have red features, I feel like I have no choice but to run with it.

I’m not ungrateful as I wanted a furnished property and this one came with a red couch, curtains, black coffee table, red rug and red accessories. I like it but I feel like I am limited on what I can do. It’s not like I could just throw light blue in to the mix, now could I?

Fortunately, the bedroom is decorated in more neutral shades and it really allows me to add my own hint of colour and make it my own. The bedroom also comes with fantastic storage; two massive chest of drawers, (that I can’t fill) a wardrobe (where I have stored my casual or mostly worn clothing items, bags and shoes) and a walk in wardrobe (where I have stored my winter coats and slightly more delicate dresses).

Since moving I’ve noticed that I have become a bit of a hoarder! I have a massive box with toiletries, feminine products, make-up etc. The worst part is they are back ups, or products that I bought when they were on offer.

Evidently, over the past two years, I have barely made a dent and therefore feel that maybe some of it should go to a homeless shelter/food bank, so that someone who needs them, can have them. However, I am unsure if they would even be accepted?! Will need to research this further!

I’ve also accumulated a lot of summer clothes; strappy tops, vests, crop tops etc. However, I wear them for layering, as it’s not like I get a lot of time in Scotland to wear them. I feel like I might be a little excessive, however I know that if I give them to charity, no doubt I’d be looking for them. Will try and judge over next few months and maybe let go of the ones I haven’t worn.

Another crazy obsession of mine is that I love to collect notebooks and I am happy to admit that I have more notebooks than the average person needs. I have always had a love for writing and when I was younger, if I wasn’t writing short stories, or poems, then I was writing a diary.

This past-time has followed me through the years and now I have multiple notebooks filled with my creations. I don’t think I’ll ever stop having a love for writing or my crazy notebook collection; as I love being able to read them back.

Before starting this blog, I had in fact wrote a journal of my time spent in hospital before and after having my hip replacement and the days that followed. I think it may help me in years to come, in case I need re-assurance that I can cope with another hip replacement, when the time comes. And hopefully, I can learn from a few mistakes along the way.

Surprisingly before the move, I threw out a lot of stuff/junk.. or so I thought… evidently this isn’t the case. As I can admit there are a lot of items that aren’t being used and are just being stored or hidden in boxes/cases under my bed – oops! I really feel like I need to set aside a few days to go through everything and make sure that I really need to keep it all.

Once I am at a stage where I feel my new place is organised and ‘instagram ready’  I may upload a few photos but for now I have a bit more sorting to do.

Until next time.


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