I know that motivation is very important in all aspects of life; whether it be for fitness, work, study or even just day to day tasks. And I’ll be the first person to admit: that I’ve always struggled to stay focused and to complete an individual task before moving on to another. I understood that after a hip replacement or surgery of any kind; that I couldn’t afford to be lazy, as I was the only one in control of my recovery. And I never thought for a moment that I would struggle.

And I didn’t at first! Initially I would wake up with a few hours sleep and have the drive to work through all of my exercises and was in a great routine. After the first few days, I was finding it easier to pull myself up in bed and after a few weeks; I was able to get into bed without needing to lift my leg with my arms and moving to and from the toilet became easier. I was seeing progress and it gave me a big push to do more. However after some time when my recovery took longer than I expected; I fell away from the routine, disappointed with my situation and fell into a slump. To be honest, I’m embarrassed to admit – that due to my lack of motivation during this time – there’s a high chance that I’ve hindered my recovery.

Up until 4 months ago; I managed to do my daily exercises and was also attending hydrotherapy. However, after I was discharged, I still wasn’t fit enough to access my local pool and therefore I started losing the muscles that I had built. When I became more able and could go out to appointments, shopping, walks etc – I struggled to find time to do exercises 4 x a day. And this became even more difficult when I returned to work. Eventually I realised that I hadn’t done any for a good few weeks and at this time I felt no different from it. This was my problem! I was still getting positive updates from my physio and even became fit enough to stop using my crutches.

At this point, I started to walk outside and at first I struggled. My house is surrounded by hills and I couldn’t always see if progress was made and at times I had to give up after 30 mins. But in time, I managed to build up the distance and I even increased the time it would take for me to walk up the hill. And on days like these, I had motivation to continue the next day.

I also found the drive to return to work and even now it feels great to have a ‘purpose’. At the moment, I work part time hours but plan to increase over time. And it’s funny as regardless of pain, sleepless nights, gale force winds – I always make it to work. I have been back to work now for a couple of months and due to increase my hours shortly. For some reason, even with lack of sleep; I’m still always motivated to wake up at 6am and excited to get started with my day. All I need now is to find the stamina to continue for the rest of the week.

I may feel slightly disappointed with my poor decisions and lack of motivation but I aim to try and rectify them. As it’s the start of the new year; I feel like I have a second chance and I’m going to grab it with both hands and aim to where I am meant to be in my recovery. I now plan to attend my local pool once a week to do my hydro exercises, I’m due to attend my second Zumba class on Tuesday and have also arranged my gym induction so I can use the treadmill on days where its icy or cold outside. With this in place – I hope that I can take control of my failures and finally get back on track.

Until next time.

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