Don’t ignore!

Following on from:Baby steps It would seem that I have no good luck - It's like my body is like 'Happy New Year!' Here's some painful symptoms to stress over...!! These last few days I've been living dangerously, I have been so stupid and¬†ignoring some life threatening symptoms, if not dealt with quickly. But Wednesday … Continue reading Don’t ignore!

The only way is up

So I've learnt only you can choose your lifestyle. Pick yourself up when you're feeling down. Everyone else has their own lives going on and may not realise how lonely you are feeling. They may not realise until you reach out to them but you may not want to do that; in fear of embarrassment, … Continue reading The only way is up

Day 5/42

Omg I woke up in agony this morning!! Plus I had a pretty terrible night. I'd put it down to forgetting to pace myself and over-doing it the night before. Will I ever learn? I'll be honest if I'd nothing planned today; I would've liked to have rested in bed. However my parents had organised … Continue reading Day 5/42

Day 4/42

Today I woke up not knowing where I was, what time it was or what happened? Evidently my brain had still not woken up hmmm... I actually got woken up with a phone call from my mum and didn't have those extra few minutes to actually wake up and acknowledge my surroundings. She had called … Continue reading Day 4/42