Pushing myself

To say I’ve had a busy day would be an understatement. I stated in my last blog that I’ve been struggling with motivation; which brings me to today. Trying to squeeze everything in, on my only day off.

To explain better; I have a to do list the length of my arm – no pressure! Won’t bore you with the details but brief list would look like; make calls, pick up prescription, grocery shopping etc, arrange things for work tomorrow and zumba.

I already feel like I’ve had a 6 hr workout from the moment I’ve walked out the door and run all my errands.  And even though I would rather sit at home and chill – I managed to find the energy to head back out in the pouring rain.

I also felt more pumped about heading to Zumba; as I managed to purchase a new hoodie (& dress) with my xmas gift cards whilst out and about today.

My motivation is definitely on the up, not only did I attend Zumba – you’ll never guess?! But I joined the gym :) This is a big achievement for me as I’ve never been fit enough to commit to something for a long period of time.

I can’t stop smiling – clearly I haven’t considered the sweaty workouts, shaky muscles and new diet I need to consider. Induction on Thursday and then I can start building up my hip/leg muscles.

Until next time.

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