My Second Hip’aversary

As of the 15th April, I have finally completed my second (and last!) year of wearing compression stockings and I honestly wanted to have a bonfire to celebrate! However, mature me decided it would be best to keep a hold of them for long journeys or to wear when flying....just in case. Following my ankle … Continue reading My Second Hip’aversary

Feeling at home

Things are getting a little better thankfully. I've finally got everything I require to have a functioning kitchen, well almost besides a bigger bin, pizza cutter and dish drainer but I'll get there. My parents were really considerate and gave me some money towards some of the bigger items to help me feel more at … Continue reading Feeling at home


It would seem that Scotland has finally caught up with the rest of the U.K. We have sunshine! Unfortunately I'm working again but I enjoy feeling the heat on my skin through the bus window and it makes me feel upbeat and cheery. I have to be honest, I'm pretty pale as wasn't able to … Continue reading Summer