Lost in translation

Follow on from: Moving to paradise

Whilst at the bar, I decided to download an English-French offline translator application; as I had a problem with my mobile phone internet connection, which was slightly frustrating. I went up to the room to change my shoes and then we met in the reception area, as we decided to go and explore C’an Pastilla.

The promenade was busy but not full of tourists, which I prefer. It was definitely more tranquil, which was the pace I was hoping for. We decided to walk along the front of the promenade with the beach to our left. We wandered along the path taking in the breathtaking views. The realisation sunk in that I would be forced to take photos on my phone without being able to actually see them due to the sun preventing me from seeing the screen whilst wearing sunglasses.

So I spent most of my walk; squinting with sunglasses on the top of my head and just accepting the fact that I was inevitably going to be blinded by the sunshine, to ensure that I took good photographs for the blog. We came to the end of the promenade and veered left along the port with restaurants and bars to our right. And at the end of the pier, the views were picturesque; as you could see the coast of C’an Pastilla, further afield to El Arenal and along the coastline to the right – it was beautiful!

We walked back along to the front of the port and I decided that I really wanted a blue WKD of all things, so asked if he minded going to an English bar, which isn’t usually my first choice but where else would I find a Blue WKD. To my disappointment, after sitting down and discussing what we wanted to drink, I ended up with a rather strong and off putting Malibu and Coke and he had a Smirnoff Ice. We also learnt that my offline translator was horrendous and unreliable!

When we got back to the hotel, I got changed into my bikini and my favourite dress as a throw-over. I was a little embarrassed, as I was pretty self conscious getting undressed in front of someone that I was getting to know and did the whole ‘breathe-in’ and don’t sit in awkward positions so my stomach wasn’t obvious, as you do haha!!

Whilst at the pool, I was a wimp and put my toes in and decided against going swimming, in my defence, it was currently 4pm and the water was rather cold! I managed to stay at the pool until 5.30pm. We decided on going for dinner at 7.30pm, so I had to shower and get ready for the night. Sadly, my body had other plans, as I awoke at 7.10pm – delirious from my supposed 15 minute nap and had to run down to his room to try and ask if we could re-arrange until 8pm. Talk about setting the wrong impression!! Thankfully, he was cool with it!

Unfortunately, this meant I was unable to ‘doll’ myself up but I still looked presentable and wore my favourite dress, shoes and clutch and thankfully my hair was playing ball. Dinner I had fish and lettuce, it’s problematic being a fussy eater, especially when you’re actually hungry. I think it’s safe to say I lost weight this holiday :) After dinner, we sat at the bar and I had a baileys on ice and checked in with the parents on Whatsapp.

As we headed out of the hotel entrance and down towards the promenade, I had an inclination that tonight was going to be a good night!

Until next time…


View from the pier


C’an Pastilla



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