I have to say something

I have to say something…

I feel that with the amount of attacks we are having and with each post I write, I know that I need to consider changing the category to something, other than ‘lifestyle’ as it just doesn’t feel right!

Now I won’t lie I’ve always been a little concerned about writing my own views/opinions on such a controversial subject but I feel that you only live once and shouldn’t hold back due to fear.

If I am honest, I thought only one post [Fear of Reprisal] would have been required to address my thoughts/feelings. But I now feel if I don’t address another attack, I have failed to show respect for the innocent victims, families, children who have lost their lives.

In the ideal world, I’d love to be able to sit down with the head of ‘IS,’
‘Isis,’ ‘Isil,’ ‘Daesh’ or whatever they are called these days and ask them how they would feel if we had set out to personally attack them, their family, friends and children? Would they have just accepted it because it was our belief – like they expect us too?! Would they not question our logic and reasoning behind this!

I remember my first time learning what terrorism is when a well known terrorist attack occurred in 2001. I recall walking home from school, as I was looking forward to watching some T.V. When one of my friends asked if I’d heard about the aeroplane crash, in passing. We were both young and pretty naive and I didn’t really understand what he meant.

I do however remember walking into the house, my mum in the livingroom and I could tell something was off/eerie. She gave me one of the biggest cuddles when she seen me. The news was on and they were replaying the planes hitting the towers. I will never forget how I felt when you could see people jumping for their lives, what a horrible situation they were in and that they felt jumping was the only option. Not soon after the twin towers collapsed and that’s when I realised there really was evil in the world!

A few years later, we had not long moved to Spain; when the Madrid bombings occurred in 2004. This was my second memory of what terrorism meant. Again targeted in subway stations and trains where there was nowhere to run. I recall not long after these attacks, standing in a protest with the rest of my school, regarding not wanting Spain to go to war with Iraq. Myself and many other nationalities/Spanish students stood together; we had banners and we were shouting ‘¡¡No á la guerra!!’ News crews had arrived and the headteacher was making us aware if we didn’t stop what we were doing, we would all be given detention, but what’s a little detention when our country is going to war?!?

Not long after we went to war with Iraq. In 2005 we had the London Bombings. We had never really seen anything on this scale before in the U.K. besides of course, Lockerbie but that was not long after I was welcomed into the world, so don’t have any memories to compare to. We also had a failed attempt at Glasgow International Airport in 2007, this was one was pretty close to home.

The point I’m trying to make is those are 4 ones that stand out in my childhood. However, many children are seeing and likely believing that ‘terrorism’ is just a normal way of life. Especially when you consider how many attacks we have had in the last few years.

This morning I awoke to yet more upsetting news that there has been yet another attack in Nice, France last night. Many parents with young children and innocent victims have lost their lives after spending the evening on the promenade celebrating Bastille day. My thoughts are with the families of those injured or who have lost their lives.

Until next time….

Regular schedule will commence again on Tuesday 19th July with the follow on from Moving to paradise.

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