What a night!

Following on from: Lost in translation

As we left the hotel we decided to take a left and walk along the promenade to see the other side of C’an Pastilla, my lovely half of our duo understood that my aim for the night was to end up in a bar that had music; preferably reggaeton or something with a beat.

We walked for what felt like miles or kilometres if we’re doing it Spanish style and from my recollection we decided on having a cocktail at a lovely bar just off the beach. And this is when I had my first lovely encounter with a cockroach and a rather strong sex on the beach. He was like my knight in shining armour, casually kicking the cockroach away – yuck!! I still have the heebie jeebies!

We decided to walk back as we had come to the end of what seemed like a number of super quiet bars only playing football! But I was still on the hunt for a blue WKD and asked if he would like to go to the Manchester bar to see if I could find some. I was in luck, although they didn’t stock it, they were able to put a concoction of blue stuff and vodka and it tasted like the exact same thing but a lot stronger, I can’t get used to the double measures. Whilst there, it was recommended that we get a taxi to the more livelier bars which was roughly 10€.

So of course that’s what I decided after ensuring that he wanted to be dragged along on said adventure. We had the bar owners call us a taxi and thankfully it wasn’t long before it had pulled up in front of the bar. Clearly slightly intoxicated, I had a conversation with the taxi driver regarding my love for reggaeton and less touristy destinations and he recommended we went to a bar which played Reggaeton and catered more for the Spanish people of the area, I couldn’t say no and after again ensuring that is what my other half wanted, we agreed!

We got out of the taxi and walked down the stairs into a dark club with a few people dancing, it had gone midnight. We were offered a free shot – no clue what it was but it was sweet and I had another malibu – I had a great time! I heard ‘El perdon’ ‘Hasta al amanecer’ amongst other cool songs and it was great that I could sing along. When we decided to leave the bar, I think it was the early hours of the morning. We took a taxi back and then decided to walk along the promenade and at the time I decided to walk along the beach barefoot and put my feet in the sea, as you do!

We sat on a wee ledge and listened to music. I decided that it would be smart to bury my soaking wet feet in sand and we spoke. At this time, we swapped telephone numbers and when I returned to my bedroom, I noticed it was gone 3am. I sent him a message ‘Bonne Nuit’ relying on the horrible translator. Had to wash my feet and crawled in to bed. We had agreed to head for breakfast at 8am – what was I thinking??

Until next time..


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