Sun, sea and sand

Today I was awoken early with a missed call, I really wanted to go back to sleep but I was also intrigued why someone would call me so early. Just as I was getting out of bed, they called again and asked if I’d like to take my dogs to the seaside for a walk. Of course, I said yes!!

However, I had less than 40 mins to shower, work out what I was going to wear, iron said clothes and get dressed, stressful much! I also couldn’t get hold of my parents; the landline was engaged and mobile phones rung out. I’ve no clue why either of them have mobile phones as they usually abandon them in the kitchen or mum leaves phone in handbag and then puts in wardrobe. Clearly she’s never going to hear it.

My friend picked me up a little after 10am and we drove round to my parents. Dad supplied us with a dust sheet to put in the boot as my dogs cast and hairs go everywhere. We had a quick catch up, packed two towels, leads and 2 bottles of water just in case they get thirsty. The drive was only meant to take about 45 minutes but we got stuck at roadworks leading up to Dutch house roundabout (A77) so arrived about 11.20am.

Fortunately there were a few car park spaces near to the end of the shore; furthest point away from the arcade/court house. There’s a little shop, café (water bowl for dogs outside) and toilet block within the vicinity which is handy. When I checked the weather forecast it was 23°c which was much warmer compared to Palma de mallorca which was only 18°c, this entertained me some what.

I love the seaside; the sound of the crashing waves, sea breeze against my skin and sand between my toes. I used to live down in Ayr so know the area well and there’s a good footpath adjacent to the beach which is stable enough for me to walk on but the pooches are happy to run down to the beach, through the shrubs/dunes and back, so they also get a great workout.

The walk down was good, I did have a fair amount of pain but that was due to forgetting to take my painkillers since I left in a rush, silly me! Once we walked as far along as I could manage, we decided to walk a short distance on the beach to see if my hip would allow.

Not going to lie the loose sand was a struggle I took more steps than necessary due to feeling like I’d taken two steps forward and three steps back – good leg workout though. I did however find the sand closer to the water’s edge a little firmer and easier to walk on. The only thing that was a little off putting was the lovely breeze that blew sand against my face and the taste of the salt from the sea was a bit unpleasant.

By the time we got back to the car, the dogs looked exhausted and I felt exactly the same way. The drive home was interesting, I’d bought a solero in the shop and wasn’t aware it was partially melted so shortly after opening the packaging and attempting to eat it. I was covered in dollops of ice cream…nightmare! But I had a wonderful day and now know that I can tackle the beach when I go on my next adventure.

Until next time…



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