A night to remember

I’ve been counting down the days to Friday 13th May for a long time; as this would be the night that I would finally get to see my boys back together for the first time in about 12 years and I was super excited!!

I had no clue what time they would be due on stage and as I wasn’t sure I’d make it on time as meant to finish work at 7pm, managed to book the whole day off instead.

My friend and I decided to go for dinner beforehand; so we went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants which is within walking distance of the Hydro. Meal was delicious as per usual but now I’ve curbed the fizzy drinks was a bit shocked at the price for a bottle of still water.

With chocolate fudge cake, cream and ice cream in my belly, we started our wee stroll via the squinty bridge to the Hydro. We had just enough time to buy some drinks, band t.shirt and find our seats, just before the first support act came on: Emma Blackery. She reminded me slightly of Avril Lavigne but a ‘newer’ version. Some of her songs were quite catchy too.

We then had a small interval and then the band was set up for the second support act; Wheatus!?!? To me they’re a well known established band so felt in two minds as to whether the act I was going to see should have been supporting them? This is where the clash of my music tastes occur, as I loved both bands within a few years apart but they are both good in their own right for different reasons.

I have to say when Wheatus came on stage, the place went wild. It was epic being able to hear thousands of people sing a long to ‘A little respect’ and more importantly ‘Teenage dirtbag.’ Also I heard ‘Fourteen’ for the first time and I’ve got to say it’s been played on repeat too many times since!!

There was a few teaser moments whilst waiting for the main act to come on, not forgetting the large inflatable pig being pulled around the stage and seating area by a man in a pig mask – I’m sure getting health and safety approvals for that would have been difficult!! It would then go dark and lights would start to flicker on the screen showing people wearing pig masks and then the lights would come back on, talk about keeping us in suspense!

But finally, the full video played – maybe I should explain the reason regarding the big inflatable pig/pig masks, the tour was called ‘Pigs can fly’ and if you haven’t already guessed it, I was there to see Busted!!!

I still remember when they broke up and I found out through a friend on Msn messenger whilst living in Spain, depressing times!! Dial up was still popular then and I don’t think I actively googled anything, it was still during the era where I listened to music on a portable CD player.

My friend only really knew the more popular songs but they sang a few of my favourites; including ‘Dawson’s Geek,’ ‘Sleeping with the light on,’ and ‘3am.’ And of course the more popular ones; ‘She said no,’ ‘Year 3000,’ ‘Airhostess,’ and ‘What I go to school for.’ They also sang some of their newer stuff too.

I think my friend loved when they sang the ‘Thunderbirds’ song; he seemed to get right in to it! It’s funny really cause it’s the only song I don’t like/hate! I think this has something to do with the fact that I didn’t think Thunderbirds were cool when I was younger and therefore judged the song on this and this alone!

By the end of the night; I had little to no memory left on my phone and no voice to match but it was an amazing night!! I think the remainder of my night was spent in pjs, researching any other nights that weren’t sold out. Drunk me had a master plan of going down to Newcastle to see them again on the Sunday, it was that good!

Until next time….




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