Canapés and bubbles

Recently my team won the top spot for customer surveys in our local site and as a reward we were invited to attend a formal ball (all expenses paid) at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I have to admit I have visited the gallery probably more than the average Glaswegian, yet, I just love it! There’s so much variety including; the skeletons, beehive, mammoth and prehistoric content, amongst other items. So when I found out that I was being invited to a formal ball, in my favourite location – I couldn’t wait!

Whilst looking online and window shopping, I fell in love with a very expensive ballgown (£300) but I was realistic; as would unlikely have another opportunity to wear it. I therefore decided to wear a dress that I bought a few months prior, which I’d never worn and spend money on my accessories instead.

Shoe shopping has always been a bit of a nightmare for me; with a high instep and wide feet. But now following my THR, my foot turns slightly outwards and finding comfortable, supportive and stylish shoes has become a bit of a challenge.  I finally managed to find a lovely pair of sparkly pumps which match one of the distinctive colours of my dress, plus at least I will be comfortable and if I feel up to it, I might even attempt a boogie, we’ll see!

My bag was a little bit trickier as I wanted something similar to match my shoes but I really struggled to match colour wise. Fortunately, my mum was on hand to browse the internet and managed to source a clutch bag that is pretty similar in colour and thankfully a reasonable size to fit the usual; mobile phone, money, lipstick, perfume etc.

Thankfully my mum was also happy to tag along shopping to find some jewellery to compliment the rest of my outfit and we did manage to find a pair of earrings and a matching necklace which meant my outfit was complete.

My dad offered to drop me off and pick me up due to lack of night buses on a Friday night – strange!! I arrived at the Gallery with fifteen minutes to spare, I prefer to be early, over late, any day.  When I arrived I spotted a crowd of people but didn’t recognise anyone so waited until I noticed a few team members before walking over.

When the doors opened, we walked the red carpet and had our photos taken. We then headed up to the first floor balcony where we had a natter, canapés and bubbles. There were a number of other teams from all around the U.K. so it was pretty busy. Dinner was good, we had turkey, stuffing, mash and veg and then a yummy chocolate dessert.

We were also provided with free wine, beer and water. Also each person received four tokens which was four free drinks. One of my friends decided she didn’t want to drink so I ended up with eight tokens, messy times! Sadly they didn’t offer the usual wkd, Malibu etc so I went all out and decided on vodka and redbull. (I wish I’d considered the lack of sleep I’d have with so many redbulls)

After dinner, the awards occurred and when it was announced that our team won, we went on to the stage to get a trophy and gift vouchers. We got a group photo with Chris Kamara and somehow I ended up standing right beside him and got a wee cuddle. I dread to see the photo I just remember physically shaking lol.

The rest of the night passed so quickly and all of a sudden the lights were on, music stopped and  somehow it was 12.30am and home time. It was definitely a great night as I don’t remember clock checking once. In total, I recall having about eight (small) vodka redbulls, a jägerbomb (yuck!) and a southern comfort and coke.

Considering I’m usually a lightweight, this was a lot of alcohol for me to drink. Fortunately, I did pace myself over the five hours and felt not too bad besides the fact I only managed to sleep for three hours, silly me!

Until next time..


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