With a heavy heart

I had initially planned to discuss the positives of my hip replacement and what I can do almost two years post op; but due to waking up to the news of another terrorist attack, I will keep that for another post. I would have hoped that there would have been no reason to write a similar post after Fear of Reprisal back in July last year, not long after the Tunisia terrorist attack. However, a few months later we were dealing with the shock of another horrific attack in Paris that occurred back in November and affected a lot of people. Back then I held back as I didn’t know what else to say, I just had a heavy heart for the cruel, calculated massacre that occurred at the hands of some sick individuals.

Also I held back because my mum was concerned/worried about me discussing and sharing my opinion on terrorism. And don’t get me wrong, I do question whether the wrong person would read it but that’s the risk that I’ll have to take. I will not be scared in to silence! Isn’t that how they work – scaremongery?? Now I completely understand being scared and in fear, especially with the British government increasing the terror threat to severe with the understanding that another attack is imminent.

However, has anyone else noticed that after an attack it seems that people turn against those who follow a specific religion and try to class them all the same – this infuriates me! Just because they follow the same religion, doesn’t mean that they are all terrorists. I noticed after the Paris attacks that there were a lot of racist remarks on Facebook or made by people in public. The other day I was travelling back from work on the train and a drunk guy had cornered a Muslim woman and was shouting racist things and grabbing her backpack insinuating that we should all have something to be concerned about. Being angry is one thing but taking it out on a defenceless woman is another matter, for all he knows she could have lost someone in a recent attack too.

I feel that the people who pass judgement need to realise that there is not one stereotypical ‘terrorist’. I myself learned this, after watching a documentary on Channel 4 called ‘My son the Jihadi’. Where it shows a young, non-religious, white, British man who was 21 when he was recruited to join the al-Qaida-affiliated terrorist group Al Shabaab in Somalia; who were known for their horrendous attack on the Westgate shopping centre, Kenya in 2013. So please remember all who follow Islam, are not all radicalised.

Following on from the massacre in France, there have been multiple suicide bombers/terrorist attacks in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey amongst other countries. Only last week I woke to reports of another terrorist attack in a Brussels airport and Metro station following the capture of one of the main suspects who took part in the Paris attacks. We also recently had an attack somewhere a little closer to home, where a Scottish man was killed by a radicalised Muslim in cold blood for wishing his Christian friend’s a happy Easter on Facebook. His community lost a wonderful man who didn’t deserve to be killed for sharing the love over the Easter period.

And lastly the latest attack in Pakistan, where a massive suicide blast targeting Christian families celebrating Easter leaves over seventy dead, half of whom were children. It just breaks my heart that these terrorists seem proud and happy to have caused so much pain and heart ache to others, for not following their beliefs.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in these horrific attacks and to all who are injured. Rest in Peace.

Until next time…




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