My Second Hip’aversary

As of the 15th April, I have finally completed my second (and last!) year of wearing compression stockings and I honestly wanted to have a bonfire to celebrate! However, mature me decided it would be best to keep a hold of them for long journeys or to wear when flying….just in case.

Following my ankle injury, I was also given an emergency appointment to see my orthopaedic consultant but once he finally got to see me he couldn’t have been happier with my progress and nor could I. He commented on how well I was walking and may I say without crutches finally!!

He explained that he is happy for me to hike, swim, ski etc but still feels strongly about no running or jumping; as he would like to prevent any damage and prolong the implant to the max 20-25 years, if I look after it properly. He also mentioned that if I crossed my legs at an awkward angle, there is a high risk of dislocation and further reconstructive surgeries would be required to fix issue – I think I can live without crossing my legs than risk my recovery!

I have also just celebrated my second hip’aversary since I had my total hip replacement and I can say for definite that I have come on leaps and bounds. The big thing for me was finally having the courage to let go of my crutches and from time to time I still panic thinking I’ve left them on the bus or in the taxi by mistake and then I remember I don’t use them anymore. Shock to the system really!

I’ve got to say the hardest thing for me was climbing stairs, as I used to climb each one at a time before moving on to the next one which meant I was very, very slow. Now after living in a first floor flat for 3 months, I can finally say that I can climb the stairs like normal. I’m much faster going downstairs than I am climbing up after a long day shopping or at work but compared to how I used to climb them; I’ve definitely made progress!

I also feel it’s important to discuss side effects and the withdrawals process when reducing medication. I feel I have documented my many struggles and if this can help someone or show the negative side to taking so many medications then I am happy to divulge.

I hace recently decreased my cocodamol down to 1 each day. (2 if I’m sore) I’ve also reduced my nortriptylene from 40mg to 20mg and I’m not going to lie the withdrawals were horrendous, not only did I have flu like symptoms but my mood also plummeted; this could have a lot to do with the fact that nortriptylene can also be prescribed as an antidepressant. (I was given it for muscular pain)

I have decided to decrease again, as I’m fed up being tied down to taking medication every day at 4pm and if I’m any later my face turns red, blotchy and I boil up until I can get the medication in to my system – nightmare!

I also find that if I even have one alcoholic beverage, I sound like I’ve had 10 drinks, I can’t sleep, the dreaded night sweats* and the worst hangover the following day. It’s really not worth it, so I don’t drink often. *Hopefully one day I will meet someone, I don’t want to be worried about night sweats etc, I want to be feeling confident, not panicky.

And lastly, now that I’m feeling a lot better, I have decided to take the plunge and travel down south to visit Family. Hopefully I manage okay.

Until next time…


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