Dating disasters

I recently became a member of a well known dating site, initially looking for friends with the progression for more. But sadly it would seem that not many guys actually read your profile and I was being inundated with requests from people wanting to hook up and have ‘fun’ so I decided to change my profile accordingly.

Sadly in this day and age I found that if you put that you’re looking to date; this suggests that you are looking for a one night stand which is not my plan and I also received a few message with invites to take part in a threesome – sigh!! Are there not any normal single men out there?!? So I decided to say that I was looking for a relationship, which would hopefully reduce contact from the ‘one night standers’ and actually people who were in the same frame of mind.

I did however start to have a conversation with one man in particular, let’s call him Francis* who seemed really lovely. He wanted to know more about me and wanted to know if I was keen on travel as he was looking for a possible travelling partner. He was slightly older but said he was looking for someone who was young at heart but mature for their age – I’m not too sure if I fit the bill but he seemed really lovely. That was until our intellectual chats turned in to me being sent a random dick pic – no thanks! And him asking if I wanted to meet up for a f**k – blocked!

Following my conversation with Francis I was a bit more cautious, as really didn’t want to waste my time and effort on someone who clearly only had one motive. A few weeks had passed and I started to talk to Stuart* he seemed to be interested in meeting as friends and then seeing where things progressed. We spoke in depth about life, goals, past relationships and our love for System of a down!

We really seemed to have a lot in common and we spoke almost every day right up until my move – I had let him know that I had a slow broadband connection and might be a bit quiet for a few days until up and running. However, not talking to him for a day or two…or not replying within an hour or so would result in the ‘are we okay?’ ‘have I done something wrong?’ questions even though he knew the score. He also kept telling me that he loved me, wanted to get married/have kids even though we hadn’t even met – with regret, I had to let him down gently, as he was moving at a much faster pace than me!

Lastly I spoke to Craig* I’ll be honest from the offset I had my guard up and really wasn’t sure what his intentions were. He was a few years younger than me and was currently studying but wasn’t sure where he would be living in the next 6 months.. I’ll be honest I did worry about starting a relationship and then he had to move away. However, we were getting on so well that we had plans to meet up.

For some reason, he asked that I send him a more up to date picture than my 3 profile pictures, which I did. However, his response is not what I expected – he asked if I was naturally curly, as he only liked girls with straight hair – seriously?!? He did say if I was happy to wear my hair straight, he’d continue with our chats. I mean who has to be that fussy?! I wished him well and said bye – then blocked him!

Think I might just give dating a wide berth or maybe take it offline. But don’t worry I will keep you up to date; if I make it past the first hurdle and make it to a first date.

Until next time.

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