Saturday Sunshine

Saturday was my first proper night out in probably a couple of years. We decided on dinner, a few drinks, catching up and then heading to my first proper concert.

I usually spend Saturday’s resting after being at work for 3 consecutive days. So the day didn’t get off to a great start when I woke up at 1.45pm. I was exhausted! My friend was meeting me on the bus a few stops in front so I had to ensure I got on the bus at 3.30pm. Today was a scorcher and it was difficult to find an outfit that matched the heat during the day but would look good at night too. Talk about problems.

I had to shower, blowdry my hair etc and be out the door by 3.10pm to walk down the hill to the bus stop. No pressure! I’ll be honest it was 3.15pm by the time I left the house and there was no way I was going to make it to the bus stop down the hill. So I decided to walk up the steepest hill instead. Extreme workout is not ideal in sweltering heat and layers. I started having that burning breathing feeling half way up the hill but I persevered, as I didn’t have time to rest. Let’s be honest I was stupid to think I’d find it easy with low mobility and a crutch.

I’m sure when I finally got to the bus stop my makeup was not as good as it once was but it had not slid down my face so I could cope with that. I’m just amazed I got there with a few minutes to spare. When my friend got on the bus she was just as surprised to see me. I’m that friend that tends to get distracted or misjudge transport times.

During our journey into the city centre we spotted sunbathers by the Clyde, lots of guys walking around with not a lot of clothing on and a lot more smiles. I think the sunshine lifts people’s spirits. It certainly makes me happier, I suppose that’s down to the fact that we tend to have 4 seasons in one day. So we enjoy the sunshine whilst we can.

We went to weatherspoons for dinner. They’ve revamped their menu and there’s nutritional information which I was surprised about, as I count calories. I have to be honest, I would have preferred to not know the chocolate fudge cake, I was eyeing up had 830 calories, thanks! To compensate I had a healthier main; salmon with a jacket potato. It was so filling, I was stuffed. (Yes I still bought the fudge cake, although I could only manage a few spoonfuls)

As we headed to venue, I started to feel excited. I’ve never seen a band live, especially not one that I was obsessed with for years. I had a great time, I managed to get seating but people were standing on the raised platform in front of us and therefore I couldn’t see. So I spent most of the night standing, ouch!

Seeing Five was a completely different experience to Diversity as I was able to sing along, do the dance moves and enjoy the music. The next day I felt like I had done a full body work out, oh my poor arms! I’m guessing that was down to waving my arms and clapping. We decided to head to a pub before my boyfriend picked us up. It’s been a long time since I could say I felt ‘normal’ I was in a lively pub at night and I was able to let my hair down, listen to some music and I had one blue WKD to put an end to the evening.

Until next time.

(Sorry for not posting, had a hospital procedure and it knocked me for six)



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