I didn’t realise how tense a game of bingo actually is. I don’t even think I breathed regularly and I still managed to fall behind. This was my first time at a bingo hall and I didn’t realise how quick you have to mark numbers. There’s not even enough time to take a sip of your drink between numbers being called out. But I still loved it!!

During a family party, us girls decided to arrange an evening at the bingo. So we (boyfriend’s mum, sister, cousin & sister in law) all attended together. Even buying a book was stressful, the woman I dealt with, couldn’t understand that it was our first time and continued to ask if I wanted lates? Clearly this meant nothing to me! I said sorry what are lates? And she just said who’s next?! I later found out ‘lates’ is the game after the main 2 hour slot. But her colleague also apologised as it was meant to be her night off and she was called in at the last minute; I don’t think that’s a good enoreason to justify her rudeness but I’m over it now.

We had a ball!! Although, we learnt very quickly that giggling was a total distraction and I believe the people around us felt exactly the same way. I also have to be honest taking my medication and trying to keep up was a total nightmare. I find taking tramadol affects my concentration; and this was prominent on the night – I’m more than certain I missed a good few numbers which caused me to fall behind.

We decided at 9pm to buy books for lates as we were having such a great time – I honestly didn’t want it to end. I’m sure my boyfriend’s sister-in-law was grateful we stayed; as she won £500 during our second game and due to the excitement we forgot to continue marking our cards after that. But was super happy for her.

By 9.30pm I was pretty tired – I had been at work all day and was sore. It was a great night and I don’t think I’ve had such a giggle in ages. We’ve decided to make it a weekly thing and hopefully next time we’ll win again!

Until next time.



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