The struggles of ‘no guarantee’

Was my recovery really this short lived?

Almost 10 months post op and struggling to weightbare on non op side. I put it down to over doing things, yet after 4 weeks of resting and pacing myself, the pain has become much worse. It feels like a burning feeling in groin area and extreme pain when walking or sitting. The only way to help is by wearing a heat patch….but that’s only short lived.

The thing is I’ve never quite known what was wrong with my right hip. I’ve been dealing with pain since i was 11 but was always told it was just referral pain from arthritic (Left) hip. However, when I had my THR the pain disappeared and I only the felt the odd niggle from time to time.

I know this might come across as a negative post and apologies if it seems that way. The best way to explain what’s going on in my head – I have always dreamed of being in control and living my life without pain. Hence going through hip replacement in the first place.

Although I understand there were no guarantee, that it would remove Left Hip pain. The surgeon never mentioned anything regarding aggravating the right hip in the process.

Over the past few months; I’ve gone from using crutches 24/7 to no longer requiring them. Being able to walk pain free and gaining my independence back. I attended zumba for 5 weeks (let’s not lie – I can’t do all the moves) but it makes me feel happy to take part.

Let’s just hope this is a blip, as I want to go traveling and start to enjoy life again. I’m going to my first concert, visiting family and hopefully going to attempt a night out/clubbing for first time in 4 years.

I just need to practice what I preach. “Stay positive & think positive.” I also need to remember to pace myself and try not to dwell on the here and now. But focus on what the future will bring.

Until next time.

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