Becoming Better

Do you aim towards the positive or the negative in situations? How do you accomplish things when times get hard? Do you have  a way of coping that no one else does? If so I would love to know as I’ve always struggled in hard situations, as I find it easier to focus on the negative. However, this time around I am trying to be more positive and trying to focus on the better things. I have kept a list of the things that I have successfully completed and the things that I still have to do. This has therefore allowed me to stay positive and aim towards the good things to come.

I genuinely couldn’t see past all the difficult struggles ahead. I was naive to believe the surgeon: that surgery would leave me with little to no pain and within 6 weeks, I would be back to work. People online, Facebook Hip Replacement Support Groups and mostly all of the medical literature specifies that working in an office within a sedentary position – 6 weeks off work is more than sufficient. No one ever said to me; you will need to prepare for 5 months off work where you will have limited to no movement and will need someone to do everything for you. *I’m doing it again, I’m focusing on all the negatives!


The positives:

x No longer require shower seat
x I am able to put my shoes on
x I am able to get dressed without the grabber
x I don’t need to use perching stool
x I don’t need trolley on wheels to move things or for support
x I am able to shave my legs
x I no longer need to use raised toilet seat
x Today I managed to sit on my couch for the first time in over 5 months
x And this week I have my last hydrotherapy session
x And hopefully come off crutches all together :)

I would say things are certainly more on the up!!

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