October :)

I put my hands up; I’m terrible at writing blog posts!

October was a pretty busy month between dealing with withdrawals from morphine and decreasing ever 5-7 days. I stopped my blood thinners and was finally able to discharge from home care. I had dropped down to 1 crutch and successfully managed to go out walking increasing distance every few days.

I was also diagnosed with a trapped nerve in my neck due to over-use. (with years on crutches) I was finally morphine free and looking forward to no longer dealing with side effects and then the pain was too severe in my shoulder blade; radiating down my back and arm. That I was told to take amitriptylene which was doping me up to the extreme and therefore swapped to nortriptylene and increased when necessary.

What else can I say about October – it was the first month that I finally gave in and bought my first onesie; which I’ve still failed to put on. I bought into the novelty aspect of a ‘cow’ onesie however I later purchased a dog (black) onesie and it’s a much more comfortable & better fit. Although, I have come to realise that onesie’s really don’t accomodate my bottom – don’t know if its the fit or they just don’t consider a woman’s body.

Following on from my onesie, I had Halloween to contend with – I haven’t went out trick or treating in a very long time – at my age I’m sure I’d get the funniest of looks. However, I had a friend over with the plan to wear onesies and watch a movie.

Oct 31st was also the night I drank my first alcoholic drink in over 9/10 months. A Red WKD so adventurous – not! I have to admit with a mixture of 30mg Nortriptylene and cocodamol and about 1/4 of bottle; you would have thought I’d been at it all night. We still had a great night however we need to admit defeat – we love to talk and no movie was watched.

I now only see my physiotherapist every 4-6 weeks and he has been so full of positivity. I reduced down to 1 crutch in Oct and we had hoped that I would be down to no crutches by the end of Oct. I’m still not there yet – I still struggle to walk up hill with no crutch and my pain has increased since trying to walk without crutches. I have been so focused on the day that I walk without – I’ve already taken advantage of a girly bag and stylish boots. I need to remember to buy an umbrella – as I’ve been so used to being limited to only buying jackets with a hood due to never having a hand free.

November is a big month for me as I will be returning back to work and completing another hurdle of my life. I promise to keep on top of this blog as I want to be able to document what I have been going through as it will be great to look back on, in many years to come

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