Blogtober 14

A rather large recap.

So following on from my previous post; Blogtober 10 where I decided to drive over 3 hours away to see a Polar bear cub named Hamish, the first cub born in the United Kingdom in 25 years. I decided to take a walk around the rest of the highland park to see what was there. I first came across two gorgeous lions lazing around. I also saw a snow leopard; it looked like Simba with the grey and black spots but he was sleeping and then I walked round to see the male polar bear enclosures. I spent a lot of time looking at the males too.

I also found out that there was a driving area within the park but as I had arrived so late and it closed at 4.30pm, 30 mins before the park closed – I decided to drive around and see what was going on and I’m so grateful I did. I was able to stop and watch a male polar bear swim in his pond and play, it was awe inspiring to watch and I really wish I had given myself more time to visit.

These are the photos that I managed to take during the rest of my visit:

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Before I knew it, it was time to leave and start the massive journey back to Ayrshire. The drive and everything was going well, it was about 7.20pm and I was needing a break after driving for over 2 hours and I noticed a sign for an exit to a service station from the motorway, up ahead so I decided to take it. It was a little darker on this road and I had never driven on it previously but what was about to happen, terrified me.

I swear everything happened in slow motion, I could see the driver on the motorway and it was if we both looked in sheer horror, of course for me I was more terrified, as I felt I had lost complete control of my car. When I took the exit, there wasn’t a lot of space to reduce my speed from 70mph to I would say a safe 30mph to have taken the sharp corner. I have absolutely no idea how I didn’t crash into the barrier, I felt the car drift around the corner, I slammed my foot on the brakes whilst I tried to remain on the road. Once I realised I had survived without harm, I felt a full on panic attack – I missed my turning for the services and parked up in a residential street to try and catch my breath.

What I hadn’t realised though was due to bracing for myself to crash head-on into a barrier, I had, in fact, tensed my upper body and of course, injured my hip/leg when attempting to brake.

By the time I arrived home I was ready to fall fast asleep – I suppose I didn’t consider how tired I would be driving over 300 miles in one day and also walking around the Highland Wildlife Park, it is safe to say that I pretty much slept the rest of blogtober day 11 and 12. To try and recover.

On a more positive note, blogtober day 13 was one of the best days I have had in a while. I went out to play pool and won 3-2, we had a few drinks. We also played bowling and somehow my drunk ass won the last game and lost the first 2 by 6 points. Admittedly, I could feel my right arm struggling but I persevered and then admittedly, yesterday I spent the day in a bandage, taking painkillers and resting my arm but it was totally worth it.

On that note, speak to you later, Amy.


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