Blogtober 15

Episode 15

Today I am nursing the hangover from hell, after one extremely busy yet, totally, fun weekend. I’m relieved that I am finally back on track with Blogtober, I knew I would find this really hard and exceptionally challenging. I appreciate I have messed up the last few days but I could have given up and yet I haven’t! I am still persevering.

Over the weekend, I also made the decision to start applying for new jobs again. I spoke with my work coach today who notified me that she is really happy that I am considering returning to work but advised that it is not essential to return to full-time hours and to use this time wisely to ensure I return to a job that I will be able to maintain.

She congratulated me on even considering returning with my ongoing anxiety issues but I know that the longer you remain out of employment the harder it is to return. As she is more than aware of how much I have struggled these last few years.

I have now taken on board what she has said and I am looking for jobs closer to home, that are not full-time hours, to enable me to ease back into employment. I greatly miss having a purpose and miss having the routine of going to work and looking forward to getting paid at the end of the month knowing that there is no added stress, anxiety, panic attacks when you work out that you do not have enough ingoing payments!

Wish me luck I have been sending off applications all weekend.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.



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