Blogtober 10

Episode 10


“So don’t worry I haven’t completely disappeared off the face of the earth!” – she says, whilst hoping someone noticed she has been gone! :D Miss Spontaneous here decided to make a trip to the highlands one afternoon as I have been wanting to make this trip for a very long time and came to realise the weather isn’t getting any better, so best make the most of the warmest day in October and drive up north, where it was cold.

I had a very productive Wednesday morning, been to the doctors etc and by 11am I was uncertain of what to do next. My first initial thought was to go to Ayr beach – I love watching the waves and families, pets enjoying the seaside. However, that also would have meant likely going to the shops and spending money that I didn’t have.

So with that ‘concept’ in mind, how did I decide that driving over 150 miles away would be a more economical decision? So £40 later in petrol, £20 for cigarettes and monster energy, I began my journey. Now something I should mention – I didn’t leave until blooming 12.30pm and I hadn’t taken into consideration just how long it was actually going to take me.

I love driving and listening to music and since moving a few months ago, I don’t have the need to drive everywhere. This isn’t a complete negative as my one full tank of petrol has lasted me over 1 month. I initially aimed to arrive by 2pm which would allow me time to see most of the animals. However, I ended up arriving at the Highland Wildlife Park at 2.50pm and the park closed at 5pm hilarious!

Okay I promise to try not to inundate you with lots of these super cute photos however I just have to share a few… This made the 3 hour journey absolutely worth it!

So I arrived at the Park and had my plan of action. Locate Hamish! If you don’t know; Hamish is the first polar bear cub to be born in the United Kingdom in the last 25 years. Now granted he was born in December so he is a little larger than life these days but he’s an amazing swimmer. I spent most of my time at his enclosure, where his mum was resting nearby.

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I took about another 40 photos but most of a white blob swimming in the pond and not something I thought you would appreciate. This concludes blogtober 10 please give me until tomorrow to complete the rest of my adventure and will include an explanation re: delay of these posts.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


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