Blogtober 4

Episode 4

Spontaneous Me?


I would rarely think that to be the case! I am an over worrier, an overthinker and always considering the what if’s of a situation. So explain to me how I went to the local supermarket for some alcohol and came back having made a spontaneous decision and spending an additional £280. Surprisingly, I was only in the store maybe 5 minutes when I walked straight towards the entertainment section. Before I knew it I had picked up a game pack from the shelf and collected a few more games from a different shelf and was walking up to collect from the back of the store, my new pride and joy :)

I hadn’t even planned to make this purchase as I had to ask if they could put it to the side as I still had to go buy some alcohol; priorities! I am not a big drinker, just was in the mood for a Passoa and coke that evening after a stressful week following a breakup.

However, most people go through a breakup and maybe get a new hairstyle or a new outfit – not me though, I purchase a PlayStation 4 or PS4 for short :) I previously owned a PS4 at the beginning of the year but due to some financial difficulties and health problems, I had to sell it to ensure I could pay my rent that month. I still sat 9 months later with a PS4 game that I had purchased and enjoyed but no longer had the game console itself.

Not long after I sold my PS4, I set up my PS2 to keep me going plus my 20+ games – however, the gaming experience was no longer the same and the graphics in comparison were utterly shocking. I also missed being able to listen to Spotify through my TV whilst gaming and/or playing online and talking to friends in a Party. Don’t get me wrong I still played Need for Speed: Most Wanted or GTA but I missed the games I started and could no longer continue playing.

Not long after I got back from the supermarket with my bottle of Passoa, PS4 and 3 games, I couldn’t wait to set up and start playing. I may have been a little naive as by this time it was 8.30pm and it was highly unlikely that I would be gaming tonight after all; so many updates haha.

So spontaneous ‘me’ apparently is a real thing?! I suppose I should continue this tomorrow with an introduction to another spontaneous idea; Simba.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.







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