Blogtober 5

Episode 5


Moving on from yesterday’s entry. I was discussing spontaneity – or how I questioned that I could ever be spontaneous? I think this is another clear directive that it is most definitely the case.

Let’s backtrack a little. It was a Monday, exactly 1 more day until I moved houses and towns. I was amid packing up my belongings and to say I was a little stressed would be an understatement. Whilst taking one of my many breaks, I was browsing on Facebook and noticed a girl asking if any kittens were available? Now! Remember! I am moving tomorrow and should not have even thought or even considered a pet during this time?

Yet I still did contact one of the women who has responded to the initial post. She mentioned that she had to get rid of her wee cat as she has to support her kids as a single mum now and can’t afford to keep the kitten too. Now I should have thought, ok, you’re moving! Don’t EVEN think about it but nope! Not even something that crossed my mind.

She said that he had his injections up to date and that he would come with his cat activity centre, litter, leftover food and toys and his carry case. In total, she wanted £160 for him plus for all of the above items. I did explain that I was super interested but would need a few days to get settled before taking a kitten into all the mess and chaos of my new home. However, she felt that he needed to leave asap. I ended up picking him up the day after I moved house…

He was silent on the journey to his new home and I hoped he was okay. To say I had prejudged him a little too soon was an understatement. He’s got the loudest meow I’ve ever heard. He likes to make himself very known. He loves to play and was litter trained when I got him.

He has been on many adventures with me since. Including jumping in my bath whilst I was in there. He didn’t look too shocked – I later learned I had a bubble bath with cold water and that baths would never be a thing within this property due to the rubbish boiler, haha! He did come out covered in bubbles but otherwise unscathed.

You would think cats and water do not go together. However, I have since learnt that having a shower, means that he must also be inside the bathroom or he meows until I get out. It’s not a very relaxing shower with scratching at the door and cat screaming to let him in. He has since joined me in the bathroom and even likes to sit on the side of the bath whilst I partake in shower duties.

We have also recently upgraded his litter tray to a covered litter tray and somehow he just knew to go in, I didn’t show him what it was but then saying that he also likes to just randomly lie in his pet carrier – maybe he’s just a little unique.

He was definitely a very spontaneous decision for me, although having rehomed hamsters and rabbits, I think I have found the perfect pet for me. He is a bundle of joy who wakes me up between 5am and 7am when he would like to be fed. He eats a little, comes into my bedroom and gives me some cuddles. Runs back to his food and runs back in to see me again and then runs back to use his litter tray. He has a very particular routine apparently and it doesn’t matter what Mummy – me, wants!

Also, I spent a fair amount of money decorating my new flat and buying curtains, had anyone advised me what would happen next, I would have held off a little:

mummy i dont like them

He ripped one of the curtains and the pole completely down and then decided he didn’t like the look of the remaining one. Courtesy of Simba helping decorate – he ripped the second one in two.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


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