Blogtober 3

Episode 3


Do you ever feel like talking to one specific individual without knowing them beforehand can be all you need to find some motivation? I talk on an online chat/video room as I don’t have a lot of friends or energy to go out and see people when I am dealing with a pain flare up. For me, it still allows me to communicate and interact with people in the comfort of my own home. Without this program, I would be very much more isolated and alone.

Having not a lot of friends and no relationship with my parents results in me sometimes asking my online friends for advice or asking their point of view. I do still, of course, make the final decision but it really does help to have a few other people who you can ask and go to and whom you know are reliable.

Yesterday, I was asking advice about what to wear to my little brother’s wedding. I have a dress that I feel very comfortable in and want to wear it but was uncertain on shoes etc. And having bad hips means I have to be super careful what I wear on my feet to not cause a flare up. And of course, I need to be comfortable to enjoy the whole day with my family.

I also need to be fit and able to drive the 282 miles home the following day. Just a quick explanation; I was adopted and I have been living in Scotland – most of my biological family live in England so that isolation feeling doesn’t really subside, living 200+ miles away but I make the effort if and when I can.

I wanted to share something personal that happened yesterday. I met a girl I’d never spoken to before who was so helpful and full of advice. We had some similarities, can wear makeup and a dress but more comfortable in ripped jeans and a hoodie. So she understood why I struggled with an outfit, shoes etc. But the fact that she put herself out there and was willing to help me, whilst fighting her own health battle, her own daily struggle, was super inspiring.

We spoke about challenges and I shared my Blogtober challenge, admitting that I struggle to post 4 blogs per month and that I may have taken on an extremely difficult task. She was positive and said ‘you can do it!’ ‘I know you can!’ Having someone have faith in me that doesn’t know me and doesn’t know my struggles was a blessing in disguise.

Following a flare-up yesterday I had to take strong medication, it made me very sleepy and I snoozed off a few times whilst attempting to write blogtober 2 – Recurring dreams.

I thought I would have to quit after 1 day but due to her inspiring story and motivation, I have made it through another day.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


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