So far so good

I think I’ve almost managed to keep to a schedule/routine over the past few days and honestly it really has made me appreciate the time I have to myself. Where as before I hardly spent any time out of the house or with people and being on my own meant I was over thinking things and unhappy.

I’m not going to pretend it went perfectly – Saturday; my boyfriend and I slept in until 1pm and Monday I cleaned and then chilled. However, even just making the smallest of changes has given me the boost I required.

Friday I decided to work over time after my shift, this is becoming a regular occurrence. Plus I was informed it would be double time so I worked until closing – 8pm. I’ve always struggled to finish my calls in time for the end of my shift; as you can never control what the call will be about. I didn’t end up leaving til past 8.15pm – yawn! By this point, I had missed the bus and had to wait an hour til the next one. However, when I turned my phone on I got a wee surprise as my boyfriend was actually outside waiting to give me a lift home.

Saturday I was pretty much exhausted. We had planned to go shopping but we both slept in. I did get dressed and lounged about.  Spoke to my parents for over an hour on the phone and watched TV.

Sunday I was pretty busy I was up by 10am and left by 11.45am. My boyfriend was taking me to a big shopping centre about 30 minutes away. To be honest, since lowering my hours at work, I’m very careful about spending money but I’m wearing the same clothes as I did for most of my recovery and it’s time for something new.

I had planned to visit a few shops but I was pretty sore just walking from car to entrance so I decided to just look in Primark instead. I had planned to buy tweezers as my boyfriend has borrowed and misplaced mine. I was also wanting to get a few long length tops, joggies and a hoodie plus a few extras. I didn’t manage to get everything as there’s no guarantee Primark would have everything in my size.

It’s been a while since I’ve went shopping at the weekend and I forgot just how busy it can get. I did however manage to find some of the items I was looking for, try them on and be out of the store within an hour. By this point, I was so hungry that I was shaking. So my boyfriend and I headed to Pizza Express courtesy of my big sister. (Gift card)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned just how fussy I am when it comes to food. I usually never step out of my comfort zone. I’m predictable and would usually just have a boring margarita pizza. However, I wanted to try something with a bit of flavour. I chose a pizza from the under 500 calories section. Firstly because it sounded delicious but secondly as it meant I could justify having a dessert.

I didn’t realise that the Pollo Ad Astra pizza had a hole cut out in the middle and a salad was put in its place. I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and I could eat another one tonight if I could get there. Surprisingly I was still hungry so my boyfriend and I shared a dessert. You could have rolled me home I was that full.

Monday I got up early for an appointment. Once I got back home, I cleaned and dusted. At one stage I was dancing and singing whilst listening to my music via my headphones. When I locked eyes with my post man, it’s not like I could pretend I was doing something else… well that was slightly embarrassing. Once finished I spent the rest of the day watching Scandal.

It feels good to finally have a bit of a routine and I’m going to try and aim to leave the house a couple of times, during my time off to ensure I don’t get cabin fever. plus it makes me feel a little happier when I put my makeup on and get dressed for the day. Just don’t forget if you feel stuck and fed up, you can always try and change up what you’re doing until you get the results you are hoping for.

Until next time.

My delicious pizza:


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