A little honesty

Apologies that I have been MIA! I had a few things happen over the past few weeks and I just needed time; as every time I would attempt to write, I would get upset. I'm unsure where to start. So my now ex partner and I made the decision that I was going to move … Continue reading A little honesty

Day 3/42

Today is Saturday and it is day three of withdrawals and all going okay so far. I didn't plan to do anything different today as opposed to any other Saturday; I was just resting and seeing where the day took me. My Saturdays are mostly spent with me still in my pyjamas, eating junk food, … Continue reading Day 3/42

Day 1/42

Today is officially the first day I start to decrease my medication; specifically Tramadol and I can see this being a bit of a struggle. Following on from my previous post Withdrawals where I discussed the damage that medications can do to your body. I decided I wanted to take action and therefore arranged an appointment … Continue reading Day 1/42


As per my previous post, I feel it is important to discuss topics that others may be affected by and therefore I’ve decided to talk about the dangers regarding long term use of opiates and anti-inflammatory medications. Most doctors fail to point out the damage these medications can cause, how addictive they are and how … Continue reading Withdrawals