Day 3/42

Today is Saturday and it is day three of withdrawals and all going okay so far. I didn't plan to do anything different today as opposed to any other Saturday; I was just resting and seeing where the day took me. My Saturdays are mostly spent with me still in my pyjamas, eating junk food, … Continue reading Day 3/42

Day 2/42

Today has been a bit of a struggle; from the moment I opened my eyes, I felt exhausted and I couldn’t wait until I could crawl back into bed this evening. I hate feeling a lack of control and for some reason my body seems to be exhausted and I'm struggling to stay awake long … Continue reading Day 2/42


I've been having some horrific shoulder blade pain for over a few years now. Doctors put it down to the wear and tear of using crutches for years or over using my arm. But what I don't understand is, if this was going to happen, why did nobody tell me? When I initially went to … Continue reading Countdown