Blogtober 30

Episode 30 One more day of Blogtober and then Blogtober and I will meet again in 2019 - hopefully! And with a lot more preparation beforehand. These last few weeks haven't been the best. There have been a few highlights and I've tried to remain as positive and motivated as possible, if not with the … Continue reading Blogtober 30

What is the world coming to?

It's scary that people aren't even safe to go out to a club at night or a concert without the concerns if they will return home safely. I think we're going to have to spend more money having metal detectors at events/venues or security at big sporting events. For all that we shouldn't need to, … Continue reading What is the world coming to?


I recently travelled to Jávea to stay with family and I had an amazing time. I arrived late on Thursday and spent the evening catching up with family, my dogs and having a wander around the apartment complex. It's a little further away from the tourist section but I prefer being integrated with the locals, … Continue reading Jávea