Day 8/42

I think I totally jinxed myself... Yesterday I was talking to my manager about how easy I'm finding this whole withdrawal malarkey and that I was hoping that I'd be fit enough to stop using crutches soon. Not soon after talking about the above; I started limping and was in a lot of pain. Ialso¬†felt … Continue reading Day 8/42

Day 5/42

Omg I woke up in agony this morning!! Plus I had a pretty terrible night. I'd put it down to forgetting to pace myself and over-doing it the night before. Will I ever learn? I'll be honest if I'd nothing planned today; I would've liked to have rested in bed. However my parents had organised … Continue reading Day 5/42

Day 3/42

Today is Saturday and it is day three of withdrawals and all going okay so far. I didn't plan to do anything different today as opposed to any other Saturday; I was just resting and seeing where the day took me. My Saturdays are mostly spent with me still in my pyjamas, eating junk food, … Continue reading Day 3/42