Blogtober 8

Episode 8   Today has been a day of relaxation for myself and Simba; it has been a pretty miserable, rainy, cold day and we have spent most of today cuddling and keeping each other warm. I was hoping after the escapade of the weekend that I would finally have an early night. However, before … Continue reading Blogtober 8


Blogtober 7

Episode 7   Amy doesn't always have the best days Never tries to pretend all is okay Xceptionally stressed and trying to breathe Ideally hoping for some reprieve Existing today for a few more hours Turmoil and angst will disappear tomorrow Yesterday was just another day of sorrow       On that note, speak … Continue reading Blogtober 7

Blogtober 6

Episode 6   A busy day so far. Please remind me why I decided to drink last night? I was technically not on my own as I was drinking with other people from the online video chatroom but still. I somehow thought that at 2am I should stop drinking and start drinking Redbull instead. ...I … Continue reading Blogtober 6

Blogtober 5

Episode 5   Moving on from yesterday's entry. I was discussing spontaneity - or how I questioned that I could ever be spontaneous? I think this is another clear directive that it is most definitely the case. Let's backtrack a little. It was a Monday, exactly 1 more day until I moved houses and towns. … Continue reading Blogtober 5