Day 9 – 12

Apologies, I was dealing with a few things at home this weekend and wasn't in the right frame of mind to write. Withdrawals have been pretty manageable the same as before, although I have become very irritable and easily annoyed as the first week. I'd like to think I've started to take the other symptoms … Continue reading Day 9 – 12

Day 8/42

I think I totally jinxed myself... Yesterday I was talking to my manager about how easy I'm finding this whole withdrawal malarkey and that I was hoping that I'd be fit enough to stop using crutches soon. Not soon after talking about the above; I started limping and was in a lot of pain. Ialso felt … Continue reading Day 8/42

Day 4/42

Today I woke up not knowing where I was, what time it was or what happened? Evidently my brain had still not woken up hmmm... I actually got woken up with a phone call from my mum and didn't have those extra few minutes to actually wake up and acknowledge my surroundings. She had called … Continue reading Day 4/42