As per my previous post, I feel it is important to discuss topics that others may be affected by and therefore I’ve decided to talk about the dangers regarding long term use of opiates and anti-inflammatory medications. Most doctors fail to point out the damage these medications can cause, how addictive they are and how … Continue reading Withdrawals


As I mentioned last week I was pretty stressed to attend my appointment with my orthopaedic consultant. In April, his registrar had led us to believe that the x-rays he'd seen, meant that I would need either corrective surgery or a hip replacement. So although I didn't really want another surgery, over the past few … Continue reading Disappointment


I've been having some horrific shoulder blade pain for over a few years now. Doctors put it down to the wear and tear of using crutches for years or over using my arm. But what I don't understand is, if this was going to happen, why did nobody tell me? When I initially went to … Continue reading Countdown