Chipped bone or just a sprain?

I think I've been trying to be a bit of a hero and clearly haven't considered the fact that I might have seriously injured my ankle!? Oops.... I had brought up my concerns with my GP a few weeks ago but he just told me to keep an eye on it and thought that my ankle is likely just … Continue reading Chipped bone or just a sprain?



As per my previous post, I feel it is important to discuss topics that others may be affected by and therefore I’ve decided to talk about the dangers regarding long term use of opiates and anti-inflammatory medications. Most doctors fail to point out the damage these medications can cause, how addictive they are and how … Continue reading Withdrawals


Let's go for a cheerier post today... I can't help but giggle with this one crutch malarkey. I was quite worried this morning and my boyfriend stated the obvious. "I'd be like a duck to water" - I'd pick it up after the first few steps. I think he jinxed me! I've used two crutches … Continue reading Giggles