I’m back…

So I believe my last post here was in 2018 and then I made a new blog called ‘Simba, Stomp, Stomp’ with the abbreviation: 3S’s. That was meant to give me a fresh start but it’s been 3 years since I posted there. The name 3S’s was because I have a beautiful Bengal cross cat called Simba, who may I add now has a Tiktok. The other S – For Stompy, my adorable rabbit that I bought with his brother, Floppy. Pet shop can’t sex rabbits clearly, within 6 weeks, Stompy turned out to be female and I had 5 baby rabbits. Floppy was attacking Stompy prior to pregnancy, so I rehomed him. And then started on the journey of a mummy rabbit and 5 babies, sadly I lost tiny, she was the runt of the litter.

You might be wondering, why am I explaining this?! – I promise, it helps explain where I’m at today. Pet shop advised to separate Mum and females, and males in separate cages, to prevent further baby making. During this time, my right hip partially dislocated and I was advised to bedrest and not allowed to bend at the hip, sit on the floor etc. Living alone, with 5 rabbits and Simba and not allowed to bend was problematic and although, I struggled until Stompy got to the stage where she was getting annoyed with her babies and bunnies were at an appropriate age to be adopted. I sadly, had no choice but to rehome all of them, there were many tears. But as you can appreciate, a blog dedicated to my handsome boy Simba and the bunnies, just felt incomplete, and upset me every time I tried to blog there – so I stopped.

I should mention too, I used to have another blog (I know obsessive!) it was called Littlethings88, however I didn’t do my research, and there is already a massive blog and company with that name. However, if you scroll down, I have managed to import all of my previous blogs, that I managed to save after I deleted the website. I never imagined that the file would allow me to have access to every blog I’ve ever written since 2014. So that’s why there are so many posts here now.

So, anyways it’s 2022 and I don’t know how to fill in 4 years. So I should first explain, that I started writing because I have been housebound on/off due to hip problems for years. Sadly when I had to rehome the bunnies, I was also put on sick leave as I wasn’t really meant to weight bare on the right leg. So as of 2019, I was signed off work indefinitely. I do need a right hip replacement but due to another complication, surgeon is unsure!

So the complication would be at the end of 2019, I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which neurology believes I could have had back when I was 11, when all my pain started, but of course, I didn’t get diagnosed until 20 years later. Fibro means that it could be the reason for my failed left hip replacement and the reason surgeon is unsure of right hip replacement. 2019 – I was bedbound for 10 months before hip slipped back in the socket. 2020 I was bedbound for another 10 months, and 2021 ooft…thank goodness its a new year. I have partially dislocated my left hip replacement 7 times since July 2021. I have to not bend, twist, lift knee above hip, turn in bed and so many other things, as I am at risk of full dislocation.

Due to covid, I am sadly waiting longer for diagnostic testing to find out why my hip replacement won’t stay in the socket. However, it has now been 6 months where I’m living with both hips slipping out constantly, fibromyalgia and then Aug 2021, my pinky and ring finger on right hand, bent right into my hand – it’s called ‘Clawhand’ and I’m right handed so typing and everything else wasn’t possible. Fortunately, without any known reason in December fingers have started straightening again, but have knuckle pain in one of them and no one is interested in doing an x-ray for me *roll eyes*

So I can’t exactly say I’ve had a busy few years, doing much of anything. Minus watching almost every show on netflix, losing all my friends and having Simba at my side. I tried to put a video on my tiktok re myself and I got no views, so my opinion is everyone just loves cats and not me haha.

Anyways, I will shut up now! I just wanted to give an explanation, I don’t even know if I have any followers anymore. However, that’s okay, this is just as therapeutic writing for myself and having all of my memories written down for the past 8 years (give or take!)

Until next time,

Amy & Simba (of, course!)


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