Blogtober 8

Episode 8


Today has been a day of relaxation for myself and Simba; it has been a pretty miserable, rainy, cold day and we have spent most of today cuddling and keeping each other warm. I was hoping after the escapade of the weekend that I would finally have an early night. However, before I knew it, it was 3.30am and I was still playing the PlayStation 4 – oops!

Simba, however, doesn’t consider at what time we went to bed and the unlikelihood of me wanting a wake-up call three hours later, he just doesn’t care – it’s all me, me, me with him! Regardless of the fact that I finally fell asleep at 5am, he woke me up with his morning screeching/meowing through two doors this morning. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ‘ve recently been asleep by the time my alarm goes off at 9.30am.



Simba enjoying some one on one time with mummy


Today I decided to spend some time pampering myself too. Had a long shower, washed my hair, facemask and treatments, put some makeup on and headed out the door. Since moving here, I feel that I pretty much don’t need to drive anywhere. But this sucks as I actually miss going out for drives with friends.

So even just taking the opportunity to go a wee drive for fast food, entertains me these days! Can you tell I have no life? I was feeling super healthy so decided to go to Mcdonalds and I decided to order a truly, tasty, big mac, (large) fries and a coca cola – pushing the boat out!

I also have two very cute rubber ducks to put in a bubble bath soon and looking forward to the opportunity to light a lovely vanilla scented candle in the bathroom, to lie back, try to relax and remove any stress; whilst perhaps attempting some mindfulness or listening to ASMR – I love a specific rain on umbrella video. Sometimes it is the only thing that I find stops my racing thoughts and can allow me to think clearly for a change.

I feel the tiredness is finally kicking in as I fight to keep my eyelids open but it can’t be helped as it’s so cold in my apartment that I have had to turn on the heating, which in turn, is making me very comfortable, sleepy and warm. I have also had to take painkillers due to chronic pain and would be best just to bed rest and chill and hopefully tomorrow it won’t feel as bad.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


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