Blogtober 6

Episode 6


A busy day so far. Please remind me why I decided to drink last night? I was technically not on my own as I was drinking with other people from the online video chatroom but still. I somehow thought that at 2am I should stop drinking and start drinking Redbull instead.

…I went to bed at 3am and the hours of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter commenced. I was still up at 5am; so fed the cat early and I think I finally dozed off at 6am. To be awoken again at 9am by the cat screeching/meowing* to let him out of the living room.

I swear I went through a number of different phases last night – drunk – room spinning, wide awake, splitting headache, legs twitching, hangover, being hangry, debating allnighter? Being tired and then finally asleep!

I awoke this morning feeling worse for wear but still managed to make the effort to enjoy the morning sunshine and took the time to put my face on this morning, as I had time until I met my friend for breakfast :) Morrison’s Wee Scottish Breakfast is the business when as hungover as I was. Admittedly, I still bought a healthy full fat Irn Bru and a Ribena to try and get me through.

I had a lovely time seeing my friend and catching up, it has been a very long time. She asked what I had plans for the day and I said oh I am going to the dump, she laughed and said ‘I’m cleaning!’ I was like well you can’t laugh at me then haha. However, hungover at noon, the last thing I wanted to do was come back and gut flat so I took a detour, I’m Miss Procrastinator at it’s best.

Saturday hungover clothes shopping in a shopping centre – what was I thinking haha?!? Successful shopping nonetheless, finally got a new pair of jeans with only small rips on the knees. My current pair no longer cover half my knee and thigh due to ripping further in the wash; I’d likely be better cutting them and having shorts instead but nope.

I also met a lovely lady in Boots, with the move I’ve misplaced my boots card. Due to this I also haven’t received any points etc recently. So when I got to the till I had 3 for 2 on No7 Skincare and Buy one get one half price on No7 makeup plus a few miscellaneous items which would have come to a grand total of £70. But she also scanned through a few discounts and voila I paid £58 – I was rather impressed! Not bad for full skincare routine and 2 new bottles of foundation :)

Now I am not long home and slightly annoyed that I have sat down, as I still have so much to do including cleaning flat and going to the dump. But honestly, I’m surviving on Monster Energy and three hours sleep. Is it bedtime yet?

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


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