Blogtober 2

Episode 2

Recurring dreams or nightmares?


Has anyone ever had a recurring dream/nightmare and not known the true meaning? Is it possible for dreams to be interpreted or is it just a way that we work out how we feel in the ‘real’ world? I only ask this because I have started having more and more vivid dreams/nightmares or panicky moments and I am waking up and remembering the topics or main concerns that I had during my dream.

I used to dream when I was younger that I couldn’t find a way back to my house, all streets and houses looked the same and I would walk around for ages and panic; naturally, I would wake up and think nothing more of it.

Or the alternative is I am holding a balloon and I float up into the sky and I can’t get back down to the ground so I can go home. The last one that frequented often was when I would go to the local swimming pool and there would be sharks and alligators trying to grab/attack me from the side of the pool into the water.

Clearly, I may have had an exceptionally overactive imagination but still quite creepy nonetheless especially as these were consistent – over a large number of years.

I am on pretty strong medication for my arthritic pain and ongoing hip issues and sometimes put the extensive dreams down to the medication. However, since having my hip replacement in 2014 age 24, I constantly dream of being able to run freely and wake up feeling very warm, as if I have literally been at the gym for 2 hours. That dream is a positive, happy moment for me, as I have never really ever been fit to run and especially to do so without feeling any pain is an amazing experience.

Dreams to me are something I don’t always remember. I can recall maybe speaking to someone but who that person is – is not important or I can’t recall the conversation. Nor do I think it was relevant. If it was relevant to ‘real’ life shouldn’t I be able to remember more facts?

Sometimes dreams can make sense. I was dealing with a muscular issue on my upper body and was awoken in my dream from the feeling of being on fire. I don’t know if there was something more to it or it was a way for my body to notify me that I am in a lot of pain and I need to wake up and help take the pain away, self-medicate.

It was an anxious felt dream – I was sleeping on the sofa and I wake up with an excruciating pain in my neck – I stand up from the sofa and try to look around and I can see smoke/flames but not sure where it is coming from. I realise the back of my neck, shoulders and back are on fire. I jump up, scream for help and try and roll around on the floor to put myself out – I then wake up.

I have used a dream dictionary and google to understand the most recent dream, however, there are so many aspects of it, that I am unable to piece it all together. That one specific dream made me scared to go to sleep the next night and I had to stay awake until the early hours of the morning just in case it happened again.

After doing some research it would seem that some dreams are a reflection of your ‘real’ life and if you are feeling in pain, down, stressed or anxious – some of your dreams may be dissected and one can try and work out the full meaning.

With Halloween around the corner, I will not deny that I am a little scared. Scared to watch a horror film, in case my brain tries to haunt me in my sleep but otherwise, all is well.

On that note, speak to you tomorrow, Amy.


**Also what is your opinion on waking up at 3.33am? Is this a sign or just a random coincidence?**

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