Episode One

So it has been brought to my attention that Blogtober is a thing! Now I am sure you are all aware of how terrible I am at sticking to a schedule, so ‘let’s try a daily blog entry for every day of October’ says Amy. 

I understand that for most Halloween is prevalent in October, and the most Halloween fun I may have is; dressing up my new fur baby. Don’t worry I plan to introduce you to him very, very soon. Now you have some clue what to expect…

October for me will be a little different and more special, as I am going to my little brother’s wedding in the middle of the month and also seeing family that I haven’t spoken to in a very long time. I also will be settling into my new place and making it more homely, as the days go by. *I doubt I will ever quite achieve the Instagram effect though, please don’t expect or you may be rather disappointed.

On the topic of Instagram – I have an account which I don’t use but considering linking to blog – would this interest anyone?

On that note, speak to you tomorrow :)


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