Who am I?

And with feelings of confusion, Catriona entered the world on the 25th of August 1988. Catriona didn’t realise the situation she had arrived in. Her mum wasn’t very well and social services had already decided to put Catriona into foster care as her mum wasn’t fit to look after her. A number of people knew about her existence and were expecting to meet her, sadly that wasn’t the case.

From what she was told from a young age – is that she was special. She was special because her new mum and dad got to choose her. She wasn’t allowed to live with her biological family and the decision to put her up for adoption seemed like the best thing to do at that time. Prior to this, she stayed with a foster family on the Isle of Mull.

Finally, the decision had been made and her new mum and dad made their way to meet their daughter for the first time. They were really excited to meet her. A few interactions with her new parents, current foster mum and social services and Catriona was then taken back to the mainland to start her brand new life.

It was definitely a learning curve for all, Catriona wasn’t used to busy roads and loud noises, such as traffic. And her new parents had a lot to learn; she was no longer a baby at 18 months old and they both got thrown in at the deep end.

During the time, Catriona was being fostered, she was expected to have corrective surgery to fix a dislocated hip and twisted femur at birth. Due to travel issues from the island, her foster mum put it off longer than expected.

This meant that when her new parents took Catriona home she had frog plaster on – it’s like a cast from your waist down to your legs to your feet with a metal bar between your legs to hold it in place. This was following her hip corrective surgery where the surgeon had secured a metal plate and screws into her left hip. 

Frog plaster photo:


P.S. I would love some feedback on this post if you would like to see it continued as a series or how you would like me to expand.

Until next time, thanks, Amy

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