A wee introduction is required.

I initially purchased Psycho previously known as Harriet on Christmas Eve of 2017, since getting to know her you may appreciate the name change.¬†Psycho was my first ever pet, since Harry the hamster I had back when I lived in England. I have waited a long time to be able to move into a property that allows pets and now I can’t seem to stop bringing new ones home.

Psycho definitely made me stress a whole deal from the minute I got her home, she had already eaten through two cardboard boxes and was ready to start perusing the apartment, however I had been told to allow 48 hours for her to settle. She was having none of it.

As mentioned I previously named her Harriet but within a few weeks I was calling her psycho on a regular basis – hence the name change. From jumping off her second story platform in her cage on to the ground floor and then climbing up to the top of her cage and hanging like she was doing monkey bars. She is the cutest most affectionate little hamster, just a little nuts at the same time. Likely why we get on so well.

This photo was taken a few days after I got her:

psycho day 3

She loves spending time in her ball however she now has a new trick that I have no idea how she managed to accomplish! But this may explain why she no longer runs in her ball and instead gets to run around the livingroom investigating everything as she goes.

Psycho the escape artist:

psycho escape artist

I have to be so vigilant now as the amounts of wires i.e. headphones etc that have been chewed apart since she has started going on little adventures is astonishing! What else can I tell you, she has a special way of getting out her cage Рif I can mute the video I will insert footage: video but she basically crawls up into my hand, wrist and expects to be lifted at this time. She also expects to be carried, clapped, groomed, fed and likes to play games with treats too.

She had her first bath with shampoo recently following a visit from the vet where she had a womb infection and it was recommended that I washed her until she started to feel better. Surprisingly she was pretty chilled, admittedly probably enjoyed all the pampering that came afterwards. Including, towel dry, comb and cuddles but she didn’t seem too phased.

She has had a few iffy moments when it comes to her health but has been such a good wee hamster. I can’t imagine it would feel very nice being woken up twice a day to be given two different types of medication in a syringe squirted in my mouth but she seemed to understand and as long as I let her go back to sleep she was fine and now 100% better.

I am soon moving home and plan to diy a new cage for her with a unit from ikea – it will enable her to have a much larger space to play in and go on wee adventures. I will post a new blog post relating to her new living quarters once completed.

Until next time, Amy





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