So I know I’ve missed March’s update, although trust me you didn’t miss much to be honest but don’t worry April was a much better month. I ended my relationship – by the next morning I felt a complete weight off my shoulders. I have started to feel more motivated and I decided to bite the bullet and apply for another call centre job, as I miss it, strangely.

I never thought I would type that sentence ever again but it is so so true. I appreciate that I did get anxiety and panic attacks at my last job but I put that down to having a lot of stress and not having good support from my previous manager and our team dynamique had well and truly disappeared. I dreaded going to work and perhaps I could have dealt with it better and requested to move to a different team.

I have also had my medication upped to 60mg so anxiety and panic attacks are at a minimum and I have made it through many an interview, some knockbacks but of course I have survived. So I passed my telephone interview and was invited to attend a 3 hour group interview for the call centre role I recently applied for. Now I may have 6 years experience but I have been away from call centres since October 2017 and was worried that they weren’t looking for someone like me anymore.

After the interview, they advised that if I received an email within 24 hours it was to notify me that I didn’t get the job, otherwise they would call me. My anxiety was high, I knew I did well at the interview and I felt more confident than at any other interview I have attended since January but my luck hasn’t been the best recently and I was expecting a knock back.

I woke up early and it felt like the longest Thursday ever. I kept busy running errands which helped. However, by 3pm I hadn’t heard anything and decided to leave my mobile alone. Of course, it was at this stage I had a missed call and a voicemail. The voicemail said that I had got the job and they wanted to speak to me about a possible start date. Finally!! I feel like I can breathe and I am heading in the right direction to getting my life back on track.

Until next time.

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