January Update

I have went through a number of changes these last few months…including attempting to work as a Care Assistant in a Dementia Residential Care Home. Everyone told me that I wouldn’t physically be able to do it but my hips were feeling much better since my total left hip replacement back in April 2014. And I finally felt, that I could take the risk!

I didn’t quite consider how physical the role would be and found that when I wasn’t kneeling and helping change, dress or assist with personal care or bending down to talk to the residents. I was physically moving residents from one room to another. The only time I had to sit down was when assisting with feeding. I initially took on the role because I wanted to deal with people on a one to one basis and thoroughly enjoyed training to be an Activity Coordinator during these past few months, however my hips did not.

So I have since left the Care Home and now focusing on finding a new job. There are a few in the pipeline but not confirmed as of yet. I will update when I can. I also arranged a follow up appointment with my Hip Surgeon to see if Osteoarthritis is now affecting my right hip – I hope not! But ideally would like to know why I have been having flare ups of pain.

I was adamant that when I renamed this blog I would not discuss my health in any way shape or form, however as it is now affecting my job – I would just like to mention it.

I also moved away from Glasgow in December and now live by the seaside – so please expect a number of photos of the sunset throughout the summer. We have had snow, storms, gales and some periods of sunshine. Being by the coast however means that there is usually a pretty freezing wind chill and multiple layers are recommended.

Lastly, I just wanted to introduce two new members of my small, loving family – I plan to give them their own posts soon. My first addition – Harriet – Renamed ‘Psycho’ the hamster – she has gotten herself in so many crazy situations and secondly, Oscar -‘Stompy’ the rabbit. He has only been with me two weeks on Saturday, so we’re still getting used to each other or more to the point I’m getting used to having lost half my living room to the two newbies but wouldn’t change them for the world.

Until next time, Amy


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