Many miles in Mallorca

A quick overview: I went on another solo visit to C’an Pastilla which is about 9km away from Palma de Mallorca at the end of March and it was definitely a better experience. Last year, I struggled to walk the 20 minutes to the aquarium and then around it; this time I managed 92,245 steps in total = 67km, approx = 42 miles. I’m 3 years post hip’aversary and finally seeing the results, even if they are a little delayed!

Day one – I arrived in Palma airport pretty wide awake after an awkward two hour snooze in the middle seat between two strangers. I collected my luggage, helped a girl find the bus stop and then took the bus to C’an Pastilla for 5€. I arrived at the hotel before check-in but room was ready and was spotless, also same bar and reception staff which made me feel a little more comfortable.

Today I decided that I would take it easy and take a relaxing stroll to El Arenal, I didn’t however realise that this would take me over an hour and approx 6km to walk there. When I arrived I was parched and found somewhere for a tuna pizza and a coca cola.  I decided to take the tourist train back to hotel – I do not recommend after a big lunch – it was pretty bouncy; felt like we were travelling on a cobbled street, I also recommend a supportive bra or just hold them down and a sick bag lol!!

I decided to try and document my stroll:

Admittedly, I returned to room to have a siesta (before dinner) at 5pm and woke up the next morning at 9am. I had many missed calls and messages from my parents, I think I may have scared them slightly – oops! After a quick phone call with mum, I decided I would take today easy, which meant yet another 2 hour coastal walk to Palma, shopping and visiting some tourist attractions and taking the bus back to hotel at around 6pm.


Day three was spent at my favourite tourist attraction and was one of the most fun/scary experiences ever! I think I took over 400 photographs of my day at Palma Aquarium. I also decided to go on the bottomless shark boat – never again! There was water collecting in the inside of the boat and they gave me a life jacket, it is safe to say I have reconsidered swimming with sharks any time soon.

Day four was spent clothes shopping in Palma city and a few drinks in the evening whilst playing pool at a local bar – guess who won??!? Not me! I got a lil too drunk, I am a four wkds kind of girl – not multiple, delicious ‘Sex on the Beaches’ lol – too strong for me – I ended my night with the room spinning!

Day five was spent walking to Mercadona and buying some perfume, makeup and gifts for friends and then not leaving enough time to pack so had to do it in the lobby before I stored away my case until 5.30pm when I would leave for the airport. I spent my time sunbathing by the pool, reading my book until it was time to leave :)

Until next time..

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