It’s okay

Welcome :)

Admittedly, I had questioned whether to continue with my blog. Writing about a personal topic such as your health  seems easy but can be frustrating too, especially if things aren’t going as great as you would be expecting. And surprisingly, I felt like it was an extra pressure, an extra pair of eyes, person watching….following…my every move and I felt judged. I won’t lie I also have/had no motivation to write, to be comical, to entertain or to try and turn any negative feelings into a positive. However, what I have learned is that it’s okay to feel this way, it’s okay to not know what path to take, it’s okay to not know how to handle situations and it’s okay to admit that I am not okay.

So today I will write as me and use this page for what it was first intended for, to share my thoughts, feelings and perhaps some silly stories along the way but most importantly as an enjoyment not as an added stress and to not feel like I have to write because it is expected of me but because I want to.

From taking the time away, I found a few times that I looked forward to writing, would set up laptop and would panic just as I was about to write – ‘overthinking’ what ifs? To the point that I closed laptop and decided against it, I had taken the fun out of it. So for all that I don’t want to be completely sporadic, I do feel that I should ease myself back in and find the enjoyment again, so I will unlikely keep to a specific schedule but will set myself some guidelines – 2 posts per month and any extras thrown in if I do something I really have to share and most importantly to make an effort to start living life!

So just a few pieces of information – Hey my name is Amy, I am 28 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland and I am more than just my hip replacement!

Until next time…

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