Seeking help

Following on from: A work in progress

When I attended my first physio appointment, I was given a form on arrival and it asked about my pain and mental health. Most of the times in the past when I have wanted help but didn’t want to ask, I would be honest about how low my mood is and no one would address it. Thankfully this physiotherapist actually took notice and was the first person I opened up to about how I was really feeling.

We discussed the fact that my pain wasn’t being managed well and that I would need to address this first before being seen by them and she also suggested that I speak to the doctor about the way that I have been feeling. As at times pain can also affect the way that we think and deal with things.

I asked for help and the doctor offered me support which I greatly appreciated. Firstly she asked me a number of questions and then came to the conclusion that I have Endogenous Depression which is slightly different as it can occur without an obvious event or trigger. We discussed coming off nortriptyline and starting on new medication after going through 7 days of withdrawals. Wow did she fail to tell me that if I thought I had low mood now, going through withdrawals took it to a completely different level.

And now I have just been waiting for the new medication to start working..moving on to week 4. Admittedly, this christmas is a little more depressing for me, I will be celebrating alone. I went to the shops and bought myself some chicken breasts with stuffing and plan to cook myself a small roast if all goes to plan (I don’t burn the kitchen down) and I bought 2 slices of cheesecake and strawberries for dessert.

I do have a couple of cards to open and my parents gave me a christmas gift back in September so I have that to open tomorrow and my friend is coming round to check in on me which I really appreciate :) Now all I can hope for is better times in 2017. I also just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until next time…



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