Pretty white pillars

Following on from: Sleepy Sunday

I woke up feeling pretty disappointed this morning, especially after yesterday’s siesta that turned into a full night’s sleep. I just can’t believe that I missed out on the opportunity to go out for dinner on my first night and scope the local bars/restaurants in the evening.

By the time, I was showered and ready for the day, it was around noon. I was a little unhappy that I had slept the morning away but my legs were a little sore from all the travelling so hopefully the bed-rest did them some good. I was really looking forward to going a wee wander around the Old Town; to see if things had changed since my last visit, over 10 years ago.

I also really wanted to visit the Balcón del Mediterráneo and the Parroquia de San Jaime y Santa Ana today and made it my first thing on my to do list. It seems to be one of the top places to see in the area and they have been mentioned in multiple reviews.

It looks very pretty in photos and I have to say it is even better in person! However, had I realised just how much effort it would take to climb the many stairs to the top; I probably would have eaten some food beforehand.

From the time I left my hotel, I had wandered towards el Parque de Elche which is home to many beautiful doves, they also sell seed so you can hand feed them if you chose to. However, not recommended to walk through if you don’t like birds flying about. I also walked along the promenade, towards the port.


I found a little beach cove which was across from the Club Náutico de Benidorm; smaller and quieter, in comparison to Playa Poniente or Playa Levante – used by locals. I then started the steep climb to the top of the stairs; I will admit I was feeling pretty unsteady on my feet and likely looked a little dishevelled by the time I got to the top but the views were definitely worth it!


After walking past a number of bars/cafes directly at the top of the stairs, I climbed a little further – heading towards the white pillars in the distance. Walking past Plaça de la Senyoria and up the little stairs, walking through both Plaza Castelar and Plaza Santa Ana where I located the Balcón del Mediterráneo.



I felt that this was one of the most tranquil areas in Benidorm, away from the hustle and bustle of the bars and shops and great for taking a breather and trust me I needed it, after the hike to get there!!

After relaxing for a bit and taking many a photograph, I wandered down the narrow cobble streets towards Playa Levante and finally found a wee place to have a sandwich mixto, patata fritas and an agua sin gas which was a pretty good deal at 6€. I also made a wee friend who kept me company whilst eating my food :)

Afterwards, I made my way back to the hotel. Had a wee chat with Javier and then changed into my bikini and headed up to the pool, to get my tan on and it is then when I became hooked on my new book ‘Nerve’ by Jeanne Ryan – I would 100% recommend it; as once I started it, I couldn’t put it down!

Until next time…

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