Sleepy Sunday

Following on from: Off to the airport

It is safe to say that I left way earlier than needed; arriving at the airport at 4.35am. Surprisingly, check-in was open before 5am and somehow I had made my way through security and was sitting in the departure lounge by 5.30am; this meant I had plenty of time to eat some breakfast and purchase some snacks/water for the plane.

Admittedly, I didn’t sleep for as long as I had hoped during the flight but that might be down to the can of Redbull that I consumed at the airport. I did however, manage an hours kip which I didn’t think was too bad considering. During takeoff we were able to see the beautiful autumnal sunrise and during the flight there was some turbulence but nothing a grip to the armrest couldn’t resolve.

Arriving at Alicante airport, they were definitely not prepared for us, after squishing us into a bus which took us to the new part of the terminal. Admittedly, I struggled with this more than the average person and had I known this was part of the plan, I likely would have arranged assistance. Thankfully it didn’t take long for me to locate my luggage/transfer to take me to my destination.

The bus journey took approx 45 minutes and en route I seen some familiar sights including the black toro on the mountainside and the Gran Hotel Bali in the distance surrounded by other tall buildings. Vacating the bus, I managed to locate my hotel which I will be staying in for the next 7 days. From the outside, it looks like a city hotel and was pretty quiet. I arrived a little after 1.45pm and was expecting to not be able to access my room until 4pm but thankfully they had it ready and waiting for me.

Check-in was quick and the staff were very helpful. I was able to rent a safe for a total of 21€, which included a 10€ deposit for the key and the room had air conditioning which was gratuita. Also advised dinner was between 8pm-10pm and breakfast between 8am-10am, unfortunately bar is only open between 2.30pm-4.30pm and 7.30pm-12am, and didn’t serve food or snacks.

Entering bedroom 401, I was slightly disappointed to see that I didn’t have a balcony, as I tend to sunbathe more in private but I knew I could make do! The room was fairly large and had 2 twin beds pushed together, which I would happily starfish later. I spent a fair bit of time unpacking my case, sorting out the safe and finally, changing into some shorts and t.shirt as I was ready to go and explore.

As I headed down to the ground floor, I met Javier for the first time. He worked in the bar and was always super energetic, loved to sing and just super friendly. Throughout my holiday he would become someone that I would speak to on a daily basis and he allowed me to practice my Spanish or speak English, where required. He made me feel very welcome; I suppose I should point out that I was the only British person in the hotel, surrounded by many Spanish holidaymakers, which I prefer!

By the time I left the hotel it was 4pm and I was feeling quite dizzy, likely due to not eating since 5.30am. Being siesta time it was quite difficult to locate a Spanish place serving food, so I opted for the next best thing, Vincent’s – a british bar. I ordered half a roast chicken and chips and it was delicious – they also had irn bru, blue wkds and great wifi connection – what more could I ask for!

With a full belly I decided to walk back to the hotel and go for a siesta as I was really starting to struggle with my mere one hour’s sleep; little did I know I would sleep through until the next day, oops!

Until next time…

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